Head of Mathematics and Junior High School Supervisor: Athanasios Petropoulos
High School Coordinator: Panagiotis Karastathis


  • To cultivate students intellectually, as the study of Mathematics enhances observation, listening and concentration skills, perseverance, initiative, creative imagination, as well as a sense of beauty.
  • To hone students’ rational and analytical thinking skills.
  • To encourage communication through Mathematics and to introduce students to the evidential process (substantiating findings).
  • Accustom students to the language of Mathematics, characterized by clarity, precision, rigor, simplicity and elegance.
  • Have students understand the importance and influence of Mathematics in various fields of knowledge.

To accomplish the aforementioned goals, Mathematics Department members meet weekly to:

  • coordinate the educational process by planning and monitoring the progress of the curriculum.
  • discuss teaching methodology and the use of new technologies in the delivery of the subject matter.
  • supervise the production of printed and digital materials (notes – exercises – experiments), where this is considered necessary, and to keep a file of reusable exercises.
  • collaborate with other academic departments within the College and, in general, with other schools and institutions from around Greece.
  • organize the operation of Mathematics Clubs during the Flexible Zone, the sections of the “Mathematical Thinking” program, and supplementary Maths tutorials.  “Mathematical Thinking” sections, available for all Junior High School grades (7th-9th) and the first year of High School (10th grade), thoroughly prepare mathematically-inclined students for Mathematics Competitions in Greece and abroad.  Equally, they highlight the role of Mathematics in addressing everyday problems.  The main competitions in which our students participate are those of the Hellenic Mathematical Society (Thales, Euclides, Archimedes), the Mathematical Association of America (AMC 8 – 10 – 12, AIME), and the Kangaroo Competition.