Medical Documents required of all incoming students

For all students entering 7th grade, the following medical documents are required (also see clarifications below):

  1. Personal Health Card that is completed by the student’s pediatrician. On the completed form, the physician must clearly state that the student is able to participate in swimming classes.
  2. Childs Health Booklet
  3. Mantoux screening test, performed within the last year and which has been officially recorded in the Child’s Health Book, required of those students who have not had the BCG vaccine.
  4. Eye Test for visual acuity
  5. Cardiology evaluation – to be performed by a cardiologist and the evaluation results to be recorded on the relevant form
  6. For students with chronic or serious health issues, written instructions from the child’s attending physician regarding emergency treatment if a related incident occurs in School.


1. Personal Health Card

Submission of the Personal Health Card is required further to the joint Directive (No. 58410/Γ4/14-6-2005) issued by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health.  It is to be completed by the student’s attending physician (pediatrician or family doctor / private or public sector) and information contained therein is confidential, except where specific instructions need to be shared with teachers for preventive and supportive measures. Failure to submit the Personal Health Card will result in the student’s exclusion from P.E. classes, for which the student will accumulate unexcused absences, as well as from other related School activities.

Instructions for parents

  • In the “Comments” column, either the parent or the physician can provide additional information regarding the child’s health, such as allergic reactions, medications the student regularly takes, lack of G6PD enzyme, etc.
  • Prior to submitting the Personal Health Card to the School’s Secretariat, be sure that the child’s full name, date of birth, medical test results, and general medical findings appear on the form.
  • Also, please check to see that the physician has indicated whether or not the child is fit to participate in swimming classes.  

2. Child’s Health Booklet

It is the blue booklet given to parents upon the child’s birth and in which his/her attending physician records the child’s medical and vaccination history.  In the event that the child was born abroad, please submit the official health record prescribed by the country of birth.

3. Mantoux screening test

The mantoux skin test is a screening tool to check whether the person has come in contact with persons who have tuberculosis.

Instructions for parents

  • The mantoux test should be recent (within the last year) and must be recorded/certified by the physician in the Child’s Health Booklet.

4. Eye and Hearing tests

These screening tests are performed by an ophthalmologist and audiologist respectively and are aimed at ensuring the student’s ability to perform schoolwork.  Relevant medical certificates should be submitted to the School.

5. Cardiology evaluation

Heart screening has proven that it can detect problems which in the early years of life do not cause clinical symptoms and are difficult to diagnose through a simple pediatric examination.  In cases where the heart is working intensively, as during strenuous exercise, it is possible for the heart to suffer a serious malfunction.

In order to secure the safe participation of students in the College’s intense sports program, heart screening is required.  Each year, students in 5th grade undergo a cardiology evaluation that includes an electrocardiogram (ECG). Additionally, ECGs are required of all members of the School’s intramural teams in addition to a heart ultrasound.

Students entering 7th and 10th grades, as well as IB1, are also required to submit a cardiology evaluation to the Secretariat of their respective School unit.  The cardiologist who performs the examination should complete the requisite form, indicating his findings.  Incoming students are only required to submit this form once, unless the cardiologist who performs the screening indicates a need to repeat the tests.

Instructions for parents

  • Please submit only the form completed by the cardiologist (NOT the tests).
  • If the child’s pediatrician has previously requested a cardiology evaluation, there is no need for new screening.  Instead, the child’s pediatrician can indicate what tests the child underwent and certify as to the heart screening results.

Medical Examination for all incoming students

All incoming students undergo a physical examination conducted by pediatrician and Head of the College’s Medical Services, Dr. Antonios Markris.  The College’s Admissions Office schedules the appointment, which takes place at the Tsolainou Hall Infirmary (Psychico campus).  Incoming students, accompanied by their parents, have a full physical exam and give their medical history to the doctor.  This appointment also serves as an introductory meeting with the School’s pediatrician who is available to discuss children’s health issues with parents.