Bully Busters 2017-2018

With an impressive audiovisual presentation, the members of Psychico College Junior High School’s 2017-2018 Bully Busters Club bade farewell to their peers at the close of the academic year. 


The title of this year’s campaign was “Walk in My Shoes” which aimed to raise awareness among student community members about the continuous improvement and cultivation of a positive climate in the School. Mr. Panagiotis Giannoulatos, Director of Psychico College Junior High, gave the introductory address, whilst Mr. Leonidas Kaisaris, Deputy Director, stressed the importance of trying to imagine what the other person is feeling and to go through the same experiences they went through.



The Club was established in 2011 under the guidance of Ms. Koumantaris and Ms. Vlachogiorgou.  Its objectives are to have students connect with one another and to gain the necessary knowledge and communication skills in order to pass their message on to the rest of the school community. 


The issues discussed by this year’s Club members were:


  • School climate, as experienced by the students themselves.
  • Understanding and addressing stereotypes that develop among students.
  • Understanding and accepting their role in creating a positive school climate.
  • Understanding the difference between “conflict” and “bullying.”
  • Observing and determining ways to deal with aggressive behavior in the school environment.
  • Designing and creating an informative campaign for the School on the aforementioned and other related matters.