Student Distinctions in PanHellenic Student Physics Competition “Aristotle” 2019

The following Psychico College Junior High School students excelled in the PanHellenic Physics Competition “Aristotle” 2019 that was held on April 13, 2019 at Manesis Schools in N. Irakleio:


2nd Prize

Vasiliki Kokkali (JHS 7th grade)

Efthimios - Panagiotis Valavanis (JHS 7th grade)

Dimitrios Chantzis (JHS 8th grade)

Nikolaos Kavvadias (JHS 9th grade)

3rd Prize:


Alexandra Giokrousi (JHS 7th grade)

Antriana Papadopoulou (JHS 7th grade)

Konstantinos Mpoukouvalas (JHS 8th grade)

Emmanouil Chatzigeorgiou (JHS 9th grade)

Marina Iatropoulou (JHS 9th grade)

Honorable Mention:

Christos Paspaliaris (JHS 7th grade)

Alexandros David (JHS 8th grade)

Theodora Pagkoutsou (JHS 8th grade)

Charikleia Moraitaki (JHS 9th grade)

Dimitrios Tzilalis (JHS 9th grade)

Warm congratulations to all our students!