Counseling Services


At Psychico College Junior High School we believe that school life and the school environment play significant roles in students’ development and in their subsequent perception of school and life.  For this reason, the School has developed a series of programs and processes to support students.

Program to Welcome 7th Grade Students (“Adopt a Classmate” Program)

The purpose of the program is to help 7th grade students integrate into their new school environment.  Students in 8th and 9th grades assume responsibility for welcoming the new class and informing them about the operation and characteristics of Junior High School.

Teacher - Advisors

Each Junior High School section is allocated a Teacher – Advisor who monitors the overall academic and disciplinary progress of the students in his/her section.  During Social Life sessions, which are included in the timetable, students have an opportunity to discuss with their Teacher - Advisor an array of issues that concern them, as well as to receive guidance on study skills and the School’s rules and regulations.

Personal Advisors

Students in the 8th and 9th grades at Psychico College Junior High also benefit from the institution of Personal Advisors.  Personal Advisors are the teachers of the Health Education Program, who may also happen to be a student’s Teacher – Advisor.  Personal Advisors pay close attention to students’ inclusion in the group and their interpersonal relationships.

Health Education Program

One hour per week is devoted to Health Education in the 7th grade timetable.  This class is designed to help students become better acquainted with themselves and their peers, gain self-esteem, learn to control and express their feelings, to improve their ability to handle situations in the school environment, and to appreciate individual and cultural diversity of those around them.

Counseling Office (Department of Educational Psychology)

The Counseling Office is an integral part of the Junior High School’s operation and aims to meet the needs of every one of its students.  At any time, students can seek help with their day to day issues, their anxieties and their concerns.

Learning Support Office

The objective of the Learning Support Office is to help students with learning differences to organize their time and develop study strategies.  These strategies involve ways of approaching learning undertakings, studying and preparing for exams.

Reconciliation with Classmates Program (“Work it out, now”)

In response to the need for immediate and effective intervention when conflicts arise between students, the School has established  a special program: “Work it out, now.”  The scope of the program is to sensitize students around the issue of conflicts and to help them develop communication skills that will be useful in the effective resolution of conflicts.