Required Medical Documentation

To the Parents and Guardians of

students in grades 1 - 6


Dear Parents,


You are kindly requested to provide the required medical documents (Personal Health Card [for 4th grade students], Dermatology Certificate [students in all grades], and, as necessary, Medical Certificate [for participation in the School’s Varsity teams] and Cardiac Screening Evaluation [5th grade]) to your child’s respective Secretariat by September 23, 2019.


In the event that the required medical documents are not submitted by September 23, 2019, the student will not be permitted to actively participate in Physical Education classes.


You can also submit the required documents on the day you attend the relevant Info Session (grades 1, 2, 3, 4 on 9/9 and grades 5, 6 on 9/10)


For the safeguarding of sensitive, personal information and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations, these documents will need to be submitted to the respective Secretariat by the parent or guardian him/herself, who will sign at the time of their submittal.


Note:  This announcement does not pertain to parents/guardians who have already submitted original copies of the required medical documents for academic year 2019-2020.  It is only for those who have submitted either photocopies of the originals or who have sent them electronically.