Student Lunch Program – Dining Hall Operation

Operation of Dining Hall

  • The dining hall operates daily except Wednesdays.
  • Students can have either the dining hall meal of the day or bring food from home (in a small metal container).
  • Students who are nourished with dining hall meals are obliged to adhere to the menu which is announced at the beginning of every month.
  • In order to facilitate its operation, non-personnel are not permitted to visit the dining hall during lunchtime.
  • All students depart from the dining hall at the same time, after a command has been given by the Deputy-Administrator.
  • Mealtime is an important process during which students acquire interpersonal skills of educational and social benefit.


We ask for parents’ help in order to achieve the best results:

  1. Encourage your child to eat everything on the menu, particularly salads and fruits.
  2. Avoid giving your child pre-packaged food.
  3. Help them to acquire self-sufficiency skills and proper manners during mealtimes.




  • Food containers that contain meals brought from home are reheated.Therefore, it is essential that you purchase a metal food container WITH a metal lid. On the container¸ you must write your child’s name and section using either an indelible marker or regular marker on masking tape. Glass and plastic containers with plastic lids will NOT be reheated and will, instead, be returned to the student.



The Administration