English is the main foreign language taught at Psychico College.  It is a core subject taught on a daily basis. 

The primary objective of this course is to provide a pleasant and constructive environment in which students develop written and verbal communication skills in English, at a level that is age appropriate.  Equally, the goal is for students to progressively cultivate their critical thinking abilities, to learn to love literature and to experience the culture of the countries where English is spoken.

The instructional approach used in English courses is Communicative Language Teaching Methodology, focusing on student interaction and the use of vocabulary and language structures for real-world meaning exchange, rather than for linguistic purposes. Additionally, the principles of “Teaching for Understanding” (clearly defined goals, powerful presentations, performances of understanding, alternative forms of assessment), formulated by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, are also followed.


In accordance with the philosophy of the English Department, all classes are taught exclusively in English.  The Department’s guidelines also advocate: active participation of all students in the lesson, systematic practice and use of all language skills, the use of modern technology as a learning tool and continuous assessment.