Events celebrating national, religious and school holidays are organized by groups of children under the supervision of appointed Faculty members. To ensure that all children participate and are aware of the significance of each holiday, preparatory work is realized beforehand either by the Student Community or in class sections.  The goal of church attendance, group prayer and flag-raising ceremonies is to experience religious and national spirit.

Holidays celebrated at the Elementary School are:

October 28th - Ohi Day
November 17th – Polytechnic Tribute Day
Three Hierarchs Day
March 25th – Independence Day
Olympic Spirit Day

End of the School Year
6th Grade Commencement
College Founders’ Day
English Department Holidays

    • Halloween (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th grades)
    • Thanksgiving (1st - 2nd , 3rd - 6th)
    • Christmas (HAEF celebration)
    • Valentine’s Day (in English classes)
    • Easter Hunt (1st – 2nd)

Cultural Events

The Elementary School timetable allots one hour per week for cultural events, during which time teachers, parents, friends of the School, or student groups give presentations on topics of general cultural interest, such as religion, health, the environment, ancient Greek civilization, Greek and world cultures, the arts, and music.

Field Trips

The aim of field trips is to broaden the educational horizons of students, bringing them into contact with social and cultural stimuli outside the School boundaries.  During the academic year, the School organizes field trips to museums, archeological sites and monuments, art exhibitions, as well as public and private workplaces.  Additionally, students attend selected theatrical plays or concerts.  Each event is preceded by preparatory work in School and is followed-up by recapitulations and discussions afterwards.

Full-Day Excursion

Towards the end of the academic year, a full-day excursion is scheduled for the entire student body. The excursion serves pedagogical, cultural and recreational purposes.

Athletic Events

Physical Education teachers are responsible for selecting students who perform well in sports to establish the School’s intramural athletic teams.  These teams train regularly each week and take part in various sporting events (internal, extracurricular and interschool competitions).  The objective of the intramural athletic teams is to provide more systematic physical training and cultivate team sportsmanship.