Twice a year, at the beginning and in the middle, all students in grades 3 through 6 select an “extracurricular” activity from a list of options posted in the School.  These extracurricular activities, known as Clubs, meet under the supervision of teachers.  Clubs enrich school life and allow students to practice making choices (eight times during their Elementary School years).  Projects executed in Clubs are presented to other students whenever possible, or during the end of year celebration.  Some of the Clubs are:


  1. Hand-made book and miniature book constructions
  2. (Artist Book) (3rd – 6th grades)
  3. Kinder (German Club) (3rd – 6th grades)
  4. Juggling (3rd – 6th grades)
  5. Scientific constructions (3rd - 5th grades)
  6. Theater game (3rd – 5th grades)
  7. Building block constructions (3rd – 4th grades)
  8. Gardening (3rd – 6th grades)
  9. Cooking (3rd – 6th grades)
  10. Mathematical Thinking (5th – 6th grades)
  11. Chess (3rd – 6th grades)
  12. Assembled constructions (3rd – 6th grades)
  13. 3D (5th – 6th grades)
  14. Oratory (5th – 6th grades)
  15. Carambar (French  Club) (3rd – 6th grades)

Sports Clubs

  1. Basketball (3rd – 6th grades)
  2. Ping Pong (4th – 6th grades)
  3. Gymnastics and Choreography (3rd – 6th grades)
  4. Handball (3rd – 6th grades)
  5. Volleyball (3rd – 6th grades)
  6. Archery (5th – 6th grades)
  7. Soccer (5th – 6th grades)


  1. Choir
  2. Robotics
  3. Advertising and Media