Other Activities

“Words and Images” Magazine ("ΛΕΞΕΙΣ ΚΑΙ ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ")

This annual magazine is published shortly before the end of the academic year and is distributed as a memento to each of our School’s students.  It contains the photos of 6th grade students (by class), group projects (by class), as well as photos and recollections of student activities in English, German, Art, Physical Education, Music, Library and Theater.

Additionally, a section of the magazine is devoted to the Student Community, in order to make publicly known all the charitable work it has accomplished as well as all the ways in which it has made positive contributions to School life.

Recreational, educational and other activities

The School, the Parents Association, or the Student Community organize recreational or educational activities, such as the Carnival dance, participation in the Christmas Bazaar, the School Picnic, and athletic events. The execution and supervision of these activities is the responsibility of the School’s Faculty members.