Registration for the academic year beginning in September takes place the previous June.  Students who did not enroll in June, for reasons foreseen within the relevant provisions, may do so no later than the day before classes begin.

Academic Year
Classes begin on September 11th and end on June 15th of the following year.  Changes to these dates, announced by the Ministry of Education, are made known to parents by the School’s Administration.

School Schedule

Psychico College Elementary School operates five days per week (Monday through Friday).  For all grades, lessons begin at 08:30.   Lessons end as follow:








1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th







Changes or variations in the School Schedule, as well as holidays, etc., are communicated to parents in advance by the School.  


School attendance is mandatory; hence, student absences are excused only for very serious reasons.  Parents are obliged to notify the School from the first day their children miss classes, stating the reason for the absence.
Upon returning to School, students must submit a written parental note for absences of 1 to 2 days or a written doctor’s note for absences of 3 days and over.

If the absence is a result of a contagious disease, the doctor’s note must clearly state the date the student may safely return to School, without jeopardizing the transmittal of the disease to other students. 

Exemption from Physical Education

A one-day exemption from participation in P.E. classes is granted provided the student submits a written parental note to his/her respective Administrative Office prior to the beginning of first period.

Long-term exemptions from participation in P.E. classes require medical documentation that is submitted to the Director’s Office.

Medical Services

There is a First Aid Station (“Medical Office”) at the School, staffed by a nurse, Ms. Stella Lalioti, who provides first aid in the event of an emergency.  It is open during normal school hours.

A second First Aid Station, located at the Swimming Center, “Athinoula Martinou,” serves all of the sports facilities at the Kantza campus and is staffed by Dr. Maria Nikaki.

First-grade students are examined by School’s pediatrician and Head of HAEF’s Medical Services, Dr. Antonio Makris, prior to admission.  A second examination ensues during the course of 4th grade.  The physician is available to discuss students’ health issues with their parents.  For an appointment with Dr. Makris at the School’s Medical Office, please call 210 6659991 ext. 223 or send an email to md@haef.gr.

For information regarding:  the School’s Medical Services and the necessary documents for enrollment and attendance at the School; current medical issues; as well as useful Internet sites, please visit the new link Student Health on the College website.

Latseio Medical Office
Head Nurse:  Ms. Stella Lalioti
Tel:  210 6042200, ext. 109

Swimming Center Medical Office
Physician: Dr. Maria Nikaki
Tel: 210 6042200, ext. 151