PC Elementary School Parents Association and Student Community Support NGO “Prolepsis”

The Parents Association and student community of Athens College Elementary School supported “DIATROFI,” the food aid and promotion of healthy nutrition program, run by the non-profit organization “Prolepsis,” which is active in the field of medical research and health promotion. Specifically, within the framework of “Simple Meal,” one of our school’s institutions, we saved and offered 1,855 meals to students who attend public schools in the prefecture of Attica.


“Prolepsis” Institute has implemented the program “DIATROFI” eight consecutive years, with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation as its major donor.  Since 2012, over 15 million meals have been distributed to approximately 650 schools and 110,000 students around Greece.  Its aim is to support schools in socio-economically vulnerable areas throughout Greece and to contribute to the fight against hunger, food insecurity and obesity.


The Program provides free, healthy meals on a daily basis to all students in participating schools, consisting of a bakery item or sandwich, one or two fresh, seasonal fruits and 4 times per week either plain milk, yoghurt, or yoghurt with honey.


It is worth noting that the concept and philosophy behind “Simple Meal,” an institution carried out at our school, is directly linked to the values of giving and solidarity with fellow man.