Educational Seminar on “Making the PYP Happen, Implementing Agency”

As part of the nomination process for PYP certification, the first official training sessions took place at our School on Saturday, the 8th and Sunday, the 9th of September. Official IBO trainers/consultants for these sessions were Ms. Denise Michel and Mr. Darren Arbour who have significant international experience in PYP preparation and implementation.  The seminar was attended by fifty (50) Latseio Elementary School teachers who will receive official IBO certification.

Among the topics that were covered in detail were:

  • The Learner Profile;
  • The Inquiry Process;
  • Student Agency and Action;
  • The Planning Process and the Role of the Planner;
  • Inclusive Learning Environment and Spaces.

During training, participating teachers were exposed to best international practices, selected case studies, as well as practical applications.  At the same time, the consultants’ interactive content and approach encouraged teachers to share their own experiences and knowledge, as well as to redefine existing practices and priorities in order to more effectively implement the PYP at our School.


It is worth noting that collaboration between Latseio Elementary School and IBO consultants for PYP training programs has been underway for two years.  Within the context of ongoing professional development of teaching staff and in view of our School’s preparation for the PYP, Denise Michel’s last visit to our School took place from February 25 to March 1, 2019.