P.C. – A.C. Elementary School Students Plant Trees in Mount Hymettus

ATHENS COLLEGE has dedicated this academic year to environmental protection and to active ecological awareness as a timeless College tradition.  Within this context, and in an effort to make a significant contribution to the protection of the environment, our two primary schools planted trees in the site of the old Paiania landfill which officially closed on December 13, 2007 and is being restored as a new urban green space.

On Monday, February 24,  students from our two Elementary Schools planted 1000 seedlings, in collaboration with the Municipality of Paiania and SPAY (Hymettus Conservation and Development Association), thus helping to create a habitat for improved environmental conditions in the area (reduced air pollutants, reduced ambient temperatures, better retention of rainwater).

By participating in these types of activities, our students:

  • Recognize and utilize their personal and social skills
  • Learn to organize their work
  • Learn to work collaboratively and effectively as a team
  • Develop their social skills by creating new friendships and new partnerships
  • Learn the importance of contributing to the environment in order to improve our living conditions
  • Are taught to respect and interact within the community.


Volunteering and respect for the environment help our students to perceive themselves as integral members of the community and fills them with love and respect for their fellow man and society as a whole.