Oratory Club Members Distinguish Themselves in “Young Orators” Public Speaking Competition

Psychico College Elementary School’s Oratory Club members, who call themselves “Young Orators,” placed second in the “Young Orators” public speaking competition that took place on Saturday, February 1, 2020 at Athens College Elementary School in Kantza, Attica.


The competition was open to primary 6th grade students from public and private schools that fall under the jurisdiction of the 5th Regional Educational Planning Center. Approximately 90 students from 8 public and private schools, forming 14 teams, took part in this successful event, which was well attended by a plethora of parents and teachers.

The event was co-organized by Dr. Georgia Rogari, Coordinator of the 5th Regional Educational Planning Center of Attica, and the Administration of Athens College Elementary School.  Its objective was to raise students’ awareness and reflection on issues that concern all of us each day.


Warm congratulations to our students. We wish them continued success.