Elementary School Administration

The Director, Deputy Director and two Assistant Directors make up the Elementary School Administration team.  The team is responsible for the School’s day to day operation and, in collaboration with the Faculty, for the achievement of its pedagogical objectives.



Dimitris Siamopoulos

Deputy Director: 

Vasilis Zosis

Assistant Director: 

Panagiotis Dedes

Assistant Director: 

Konstantina Psoma



Faculty Association

The Faculty Association of Psychico College Elementary School meets before classes begin at the start of the academic year, after they end, as well as on Wednesdays indicated on the Monthly Schedule of Events.  During those meetings, Faculty members:

  • Discuss and make recommendations on pedagogical matters, course content, as well as the day-to-day operation of the School within the legislative guidelines and directives provided by the Ministry of Education and in keeping with the needs of the School.
  • Participate in faculty development seminars.
  • Form committees for the most effective achievement of the School’s pedagogical goals and elect members to represent the Faculty Association in various bodies.
  • Contend with pedagogical issues or matters concerning student monitoring and evaluation. 

Members of the School’s Educational Psychology Department participate in these meetings as advisors, either on their own initiative or by invitation from the Faculty Association.

Grade Council

Teacher - Advisors from all sections of each grade hold meetings, chaired by the Deputy Director, each week and on extraordinary occasions, when required, in order to discuss:

  • The content, progress, and teaching methodology for each subject
  • The compilation, correction and grading of common exams
  • Assessment of student performance
  • Student progress and conduct, as well as comradeship among students
  • Event scheduling and planning
  • The preparation of supplementary teaching materials and exercises, as well as other matters that relate to classroom effectiveness

Special Subject Departments

English, Physical Education and Aesthetic Education are taught by special subject teachers.  The delivery of their respective course content is coordinated by:

            J. Nelson, Head of the English Department
             A. Lazana, Interschool Coordinator of Physical Education & Elementary Schools' Extended Program
            S. Tsokakis, Interschool Coordinator Music

Teachers of each Special Subject (English, French, German, Physical Education, Aesthetic Education) meet on a weekly basis or on extraordinary occasions, when required, to discuss:

  • Course content, progress, and teaching methodology
  • Compilation, correction and grading of common exams
  • Student, course and section assessment
  • Student placement or reevaluation of placement in course sections
  • Preparation and publication of supplementary teaching materials and other matters that relate to classroom effectiveness

Collaborative Groups for Individual Courses

At the beginning of each academic year, Teacher-Advisors are assigned to organize, coordinate and represent their classes for one course (Greek, Mathematics, History, Natural Sciences, Cultural Events).  The Course Coordinators communicate and meet regularly with the Teacher-Advisors of other grades.  This way, they ensure smooth curriculum transition between grades and take measures to ensure the completion of the curriculum.

Faculty Groups

All Faculty members of a class section hold meetings, whenever required, to discuss:

  • The section’s overall progress and behavior
  • Individual student progress and behavior, problems and relationships amongst students


Committees are appointed either by the Faculty or by the Administration to study special topics or to supervise and promote certain practices related to the pedagogical objectives of the School.  For example, there are committees tasked with processing and modifying course curriculum maps, for supervising and producing school publications or supplementary teaching materials, and for supervising the Student Community and other student activities.

Faculty Professional Development

During the course of the academic year, the Elementary School Faculty members take advantage of the opportunities offered by HAEF’s Continuing Teacher Training Programs.  They participate in a series of training seminars organized by the School, as well as in professional development programs organized by other institutions, both in Greece and abroad.