Supplementary Tutorial (Remedial Teaching) Program

In 2004, the Administration of Psychico College moved forward in the creation and implementation of a program to deal with learning difficulties.  The objective of the program was, and is, to create suitable conditions to help and support students who, for various reasons, encounter learning challenges.   For the execution of this important program, Psychico College organized seminars to properly train and bring up to speed all teachers taking part.

The program in enforcement is based on the principle of Inclusive Education and involves the collaboration of two teachers in each classroom.  It is known as Participatory or Inclusive Teaching and is revolutionary by Greek standards.


The Supplementary Tutorial (Remedial Teaching) program operates as follows:

  • Participatory Teaching takes place in all 2nd grade sections, entailing the simultaneous participation of a teacher-advisor and a shadow teacher, two hours each week.  An attempt is being made to also implement the program in 1st grade, with a projected start date at the end of February.
  • Individualized (personalized) teaching is available to students in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades.
  • It is estimated that 3% of our School’s student population benefits from the Supplementary Tutorial (Remedial Teaching) program.  This percentage includes both students who have been formally diagnosed as dyslexic as well as those with various other learning difficulties.
  • While the program has yielded satisfactory results to date, it improves from year to year as a result of new, incoming scientific data as well as from the experience gained through its implementation. Teachers who participate in the program, offering weekly (usually two-hour) support to students, receive continuous training on learning difficulties and dyslexia.


We feel that the provision of this program gives students who require assistance both professional and comprehensive support, enabling them to integrate smoothly into the normal course of study.


The Supplementary Tutorial (Remedial Teaching) program is executed through the collaborative effort between the Department of Educational Psychology and our School’s teachers, in partnership with Mr. G.  Spetsiotis, the Ministry of Education’s former Director of Special Education.