Psychico College Elementary School: Member of the European Talent Support Network (ENST)

We are pleased to announce that our School was accepted as a European Talent Point, therefore making it a member of the European Talent Support Network.

The European Talent Support Network (ENST) is a continuously transforming and developing system, with the European Talent Centers positioned as hubs and the so-called European Talent Points (SPOT) as nodes acting as equal members.  ENST operates under the guidance of the European Council of Excellence (ECHA) and was founded with the basic principle of promoting educational research, development and innovation in the field of high ability.

ENST was officially founded on September 29, 2015 in the Brussels European Parliament building, in the presence of senior EU officials and MEPs. It is comprised of 20 Talent Centers (from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania, Hungary, and Peru) and 300 Talent Points that can now be found in 38 countries globally.

The goal of the Network is to identify and support highly skilled and talented young people in Europe across a wide range of activities, including cognitive talent, arts sports, manual skills and more.  Furthermore, it provides a first-class resource of best practices to apply cutting edge scientific results in the field of high ability.

To learn more about the European Talent Support Network, you can check out its official website: