Theater Arts

Within the framework of the Theater Arts Program “Nikos Kourkoulos,” established in 2007 at our School, theater is designed to be an integral part of school life.  Its playful nature and experiential character make it an excellent tool for both teaching and learning.   In light of this, theater and its techniques are used every day as a teaching approach in certain disciplines, as well as for the cultivation of ethos, education and the skills necessary for the members of our School Community to cooperate and coexist happily and productively.

Teachers and students work together to create theatrical performances, either by class section or by grade.  For example, 4th grade sections, together, create the School’s Christmas celebration, while 5th grade students undertake the October 28th celebration and 6th grade students the March 25th celebration.  In 5th grade, Theater Arts is tied to the teaching of History and in 6th grade, to Socio-Political Studies.