Psychico College High School “March 25th” Oratory Competition Finals

The final round of this year’s “March 25th” Oratory Competition, open to Psychico College General High School 11th graders and IB1 students, was held on Thursday, March 21, 2019.  Nantia-Elpis Dourida was named the winner.


The theme of this year’s competition was the contribution of books to the spiritual awakening and social progress of the nation and the reasons why the publication of quality books and the systematization of a love of reading program can help meet the challenges of today.


Congratulations to all the students who made it to the finals as well as the semi-finals.


The students who qualified for the final round of the Competition were:
Anna Anastasaki

Nantia-Elpis Dourida

Aikaterini Loupasaki-Chrysostomou

Eleni-Zoi-Aggeliki Manesi

Maria Mpalafa


Students who qualified for the semi-finals of the Competition were:
Vissarionas Christodoulou
Themistoklis Christopoulos
Eleni Dimou
Sylvia Giagkou
Alexandros Kapagiannidis

The final round panel of judges was comprised of: 
Leonidas Kanellopoulos, Titan Cement Company Operations Director, alumnus ’06 and winner of the “March 25th” Prize;
Konstantina Botsiou, Associate Professor of Modern History and International Politics at the University of the Peloponnese;
Sotiris Rizas, Director of the Research Center for Modern Hellenism at the Academy of Athens.