Psychico College High School “March 25th” Oratory Competition Finals

The final round of this year’s Psychico College High School “March 25th” Oratory Competition
was held on Monday, May 25, 2020.  Andreas Rodopoulos was named the winner. High School Juniors (11th grade General High School and IB1 students) were invited to write a speech on the 1821 Revolutionary fighters. 

            “The Revolution of 1821 freedom fighters were inspired by a strong sense of patriotism that in many cases led a great number of them to admirable acts of heroism and even self-sacrifice.  

            -In your opinion, how could today’s youth express similar feelings without falling into a barren and sterile nationalistic arena?

            -In what ways can patriotic feelings become fruitful in today’s modern, multicultural and globalized environment?”


Students who qualified for the semi-finals of the Competition were:


Eirini Athanasiou
Dionysia Dori
Aikaterini – Evaggelia Refene
Styliani Stefanou
Eleonora Tomazou


The following qualified for the finals:


Ioanna Dimitropoulou
Ivi – Anna Galanou
Dimitrios Minagias
Andreas Rodopoulos
Maria Vergou


The final round panel of judges was comprised of:


Antonios Klapsis, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations of the University of the Peloponnese


Ioannis Pavlou ΄76, Deputy Governor of “Agia Sofia” Pediatric Hospital


Konstantinos Filis, Executive Director of the Institute of International Relations of Panteion University

The March 25th Prize is awarded to the High School Junior who places first in the composition of a speech, written in Greek, on a specific topic related to the national celebration of of March 25th.


Congratulations to all the students who qualified in the Competition.  You can follow their speeches in the link below: