Psychico College High School “Delta” Oratory Finals

The final round of this year’s Psychico College DELTA Competition, open to General High School seniors and IB2 students, was held on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.  Winner of the Competition was Achilleas Savvidis (IB2). The Oratory Competition was established in memory of Stefanos Deltas, founder of the School.  Each year, a prize is awarded to the graduating class student who writes and delivers the best speech in English.


This year, students were invited to compose their thoughts on: “Environmental protection – Active ecological engagement. A long-standing College tradition.”


Students who qualified for the semi-finals were:


Sylvia Giagkou
Aikaterini Loupasaki – Chysostomou
Anastasia Lykovardi
Paressa Marmaridou
Maria Sarantiti

The following qualified for the finals:


Anna Anastasaki
Marianna Generali
Ioanna Papakonstantinou
Achilleas Savvidis
Georgios Stouraitis


The final round committee of judge was comprised of:

Ms. Jenny Anastasopoulou ‘07
Associate- Shipping Finance, Stephenson Harwood LLP, Athens College Delta Speech Finalist 2007

Mr. Themis Markidis
Analyst at Iolcus Investments AIFM, Debate Coach at Pierce College

Mr. Abe Fornis
Director of Business Development and Operational Excellence, Dialectica Consulting


Congratulations to all those who made it to the semi-finals and finals of the Competition.  You can follow their speeches in the link below: