Psychico College Howland Oratory Competition Finals

The final round of the Psychico College Howland Oratory Competition took place on Tuesday, March 12, 2019. Winner of the Competition was Ariana-Christina Linara (IB2). 


Congratulations to all the students who made it to the semi-finals and finals.  Students were asked to prepare a speech about how they perceive the role of books as vehicles of self-awareness; how books unleash power and create thinking citizens; and how schools can contribute to the love of reading and inspire young people to love books. 


 Students who qualified for the final round of the Competition were:


Ioannis Karamitsanis, 12th grade
Eleni Koufali, 12th grade
Marianna Lazari, 12th grade
Ariana-Christina Linara, IB2
Chrysoula-Agapi Mavrogianni, 12th grade


Students who qualified for the semi-final round of the Competition were:


Artemis Avrantini, IB2

Konstantina Kelepouri, 12th grade
Christina Panopoulou, 12th grade

Antonia Spiliopoulou, 12th grade

Myrto-Pigi Zogana, 12th grade

The final round committee of judges was comprised of:  Spyridoula Varlokosta, Professor of Linguistics at the Philology Department of the University of Athens; Alexander Zaousis, journalist and member of the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation Association (Somateio); and Giorgos Sakellariadis, attorney and Vice-President of the Athens College Alumni Association.


The Howland Oratory Competition, held annually since 1933, was instituted in memory of Charles P. Howland, a great philhellene and fervent supporter of the College from its first years of operation.  Each year, a prize is awarded to the senior class student who submits the best written speech in Greek, which he/she delivers in front of an audience.