Psychico College High School Howland Oratory Competition Finals

The final round of the Psychico College High School Howland Oratory Competition, open to General High School seniors and IB2 students, took place on Thursday, May 21, 2020. Winner of the Competition was Nantia-Elpis Dourida.  The Howland Oratory Competition, held annually since 1933, was instituted in memory of Charles P. Howland, a great philhellene and fervent supporter of the College from its first years of operation.  Each year, a prize is awarded to the senior class student who submits the best written speech in Greek, which he/she delivers in front of an audience.

Students, this year, were asked to prepare a speech about man’s relationship with nature and how the latter helps shape man’s character.  They were also asked to touch upon how man can heighten his ties to the environment and develop ecological awareness.

The final round committee of judges was comprised of: Ms. Maria Livanou ΄94, Communication and Community Engagement Expert at WWF Hellas, Mr. Georgios Spanos, Professor Emeritus of Pedagogy at the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, and Mr. Christos Hadjiemmanuil ΄82, Professor of European and International Monetary and Financial Institutions at the University of Piraeus and Visiting Professor at the Department of Law of LSE.


The students below qualified for the semi-final round:


Georgios Kalofonos
Vasiliki Marmaridou
Maria Mpalafa
Theodora – Danai Stavrakaki
Aggeliki Tzima


The following qualified for the finals:


Victor Abacoumkin
Nantia – Elpis Dourida

Anna – Nikoletta Griva

Paressa Marmaridou
Niki Soura


Congratulations to all the students who made it to the semi-finals and finals. You can listen to their speeches by clicking on the link below.