Psychico College IBDP and Elementary School Students Collaborate on Joint Environmental Activity at Latseio

On Friday, May 10, 2019, a joint environmental activity was undertaken by students of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and Psychico College Elementary School at Latseio School.


Year 1 IB students studying Environmental Systems and Societies organized the activity, becoming teachers of 6th grade students for a day.  They introduced basic methods of ecological research, such as how to identify species using a dichotomous key, how to measure tree height using a clinometer and how to estimate a tree’s age based on the perimeter of its trunk, to the young students. The sixth graders, filled with joy and enthusiasm, not only learned these new skills but also applied them in assessing the characteristics of trees in their immediate environment.  Within a short time, each team of students was able to measure the height and calculate the age of trees on the campus.  Thus, they discovered that some of the pine trees are the same age as they, whilst others are age-old and over ten meters tall. 

Moreover, IB1 students, who found themselves in the Elementary School’s familiar surroundings, collaborated patiently and seriously with their younger counterparts, whilst communicating their knowledge and experience. It is important to note that the IB students undertook and carried out this initiative with great responsibility and success.


Lastly, both age groups of students practiced research, thinking, communication and social skills within the framework of the IBO’s objectives and philosophy.

These activities were organized under the guidance of IB teachers, Ms. S. Roupaka, Mr. G. Mehrabian, Mr. R. Scilipoti and Ms. N. Pitouli, and were carried out with great success thanks to the excellent collaboration between the students and teachers involved, as well as Psychico College’s High School and Elementary School Administrations.