Melbourne – Athens: A Journey of Friendship

The “Melbourne-Athens: A Journey of Friendship” program is an innovative academic activity that promotes friendship and cooperation between students of Psychico College High School and those of Hellenic heritage attending school in Melbourne.


The activity which began in 2016 launched a mentoring relationship between the students from these two nations. To be precise, Psychico College 10th grade students mentor 9th grade students of Hellenic heritage in the learning of the Greek language.  The aim of the activity is to advocate Hellenism among members of the Diaspora, thus preserving the Greek language and culture in Melbourne.  It combines humanistic education with modern technology and helps to develop students’ social skills, spirit of cooperation and solidarity while enhancing our School’s extroversion.


The “Melbourne – Athens: A Journey of Friendship” was designed and implemented in 2016 by Ms. Maria – Filio Tridima, a Psychico College faculty member.  During academic year 2017-2018, twenty one (21) students from our School and twenty one (21) from Melbourne’s Greek Language and Culture Schools (Balwyn Campus & Doncaster) and Alphington Grammar participated in the program.



Within the context of this collaboration, Psychico College High school students visited the Australian Embassy in Athens on Monday, September 24, 2018 and will hold a special event at our School in honor of Australia’s Ambassador to Greece, Ms. Kate Logan.