Two PanEuropean Awards Won at Junior Achievement Europe’s Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

“Saveat,” the student enterprise founded by Psychico College High School’s Young Entrepreneurs Club, won two prestigious awards at the leading PanEuropean “Company of the Year” Competition, organized by Junior Achievement Organization / Association Youth Entrepreneurship (JA-YE), (Lille France, July 3-5, 2019).

Eleventh grader, Athina Lorentziadi, 12th grade, Stelios Mpoulitsakis-Logotheis, and 10th grader, Eirini Tassi, all Saveat “executives,” won the “Excellence in IT Award” from AT&T. 

Stelios Mpoulitsakis-Logothetis also won the “Leadership Award.”

On May 6th, Saveat earned 1st PanHellenic Prize from Junior Achievement Organization / Association Youth Entrepreneurship Greece and represented our nation at the international competition in which 200 students from 40 nations competed.  Following this award, Seveat ranks as one of the 9 best student businesses in Europe.

Shortly before announcing the winner of the “Excellence in IT Award,” AT&T judge, Ruth Agyei, praised the use of technology to combat food waste.  She also pointed out that this is an idea that teams up social sensitivity and business potential.


The students were accompanied at the Competition by Psychico College Young Entrepreneurs Club’s Teacher-Advisors, Mr. Athanasios Karamitsas and Ms. Eleni Markopoulou, who helped make possible the implementation of the SEN/JA Greece “Virtual Business” program.


Congratulations to the Club’s students and teachers for their outstanding achievements!

Read the relevant “Excellence in IT Award” announcement here.