Distinction for Psychico College High School’s “Young Entrepreneurs Club” in PanHellenic Social Innovation Relay

“Medinow”, the virtual company established by Psychico College High School’s Young Entrepreneurs Club stood out yet again.  It qualified among the 10 best companies that will compete remotely in the finals of the PanHellenic Social Innovation Relay, on Friday, May 15, 2020.  


The “Medinow” app focuses on the problem of limited health care, both medical and pharmaceutical, accessible to locals of peripheral (remote) regions. “Medinow” connects the user directly with a doctor, reducing the time it takes to deal with an emergency: a factor considered, perhaps, the most critical for a patient’s recovery.  The app not only address the problem faced by permanent residents of these areas, but also other Greeks and foreigners visiting the provinces.


Again, warm congratulations to our students, as well as the Teachers-Advisors of Psychico College High School’s Young Entrepreneurs Club: Mr. Athanasios Karamitsas, Ms. Eleni Markopoulou, and Mr. Panagiotis Statiris.


Good luck to the Club members in the final round of the Competition!