High School Administration

The High School Administration is comprised of the Director, the Deputy Director, the Assistant Director and the I.B. Coordinator.  They constitute the collective governing body of the School unit and are responsible for its day-to-day operation.  In collaboration with the Faculty Association, they are also responsible for the realization of the School’s pedagogical objectives.

International Baccalaureate Coordinator

It is the responsibility of the International Baccalaureate Programme Coordinator to be familiar with the ideals, practices and philosophy of the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) and to ensure their implementation at the School.  Additionally, the Coordinator is responsible for scheduling the timetable as it regards the International Baccalaureate subjects.


Director:  Anastasia Papakostopoulou
Deputy Director:  Athanasios Panagiotopoulos
Assistant Director:  Athanasia Anagnostou 
I.B. Coordinator:  Sophia Arditzoglou
Deputy I.B. Coordinator:  Panagiota Maragkou

Faculty Association

The Faculty Association is a collective body of the School and is comprised of all educators teaching therein, regardless of their employment contract.  The President of the Faculty is the School Director or his legal substitute.

The Faculty:
-  at the end of the academic year, decides on students’ advancement to the next grade level, graduation, referral for reassessment, or expulsion, based on relevant data and grades recorded in the School’s registers and subject to current legislation.
-  imposes disciplinary measures upon students in accordance with prevailing provisions of the law and, at the end of the academic year, classifies students’ disciplinary and attendance records based on specific and well-documented data.
-  decides and agrees upon excursions, hikes, field trips and student events, either by consensus or through faculty committees.


A Teacher-Advisor is allocated to each General High School and IB section in order to handle the problems (academic, pedagogical, disciplinary) of the students in his/her section.

Specifically, the Teacher/Advisor is responsible for:

-    monitoring the academic, pedagogical and disciplinary progress of the students in his/her section (both collectively and individually).
-    being kept abreast by the Administration of the academic, disciplinary and personal problems of his/her students and seeking additional insight by maintaining personal contact with the students and the students’ parents.
-    keeping students informed of the School’s policies, its particularities, the various services available (i.e. Counseling, University Applications), students’ obligations and responsibilities, as well as their rights.
-    establishing a climate of collaboration, tolerance, and open communication amongst the students and cultivating a positive environment leading students to participate in Clubs.  Together with the students, he/she seeks out activities that broaden their education and encourages them to actively participate in civic and social events.  Towards that end, he/she collaborates with the 5-member Class Council.
-    providing individualized counseling to students regarding their academic progress, disciplinary problems, attendance record and personal issues.
-    encouraging bright and gifted students to broaden their knowledge and interests and to participate in national or international competitions.
-    interfacing with other educators who teach students in his/her section on all issues that affect them.
-    mentoring students during Social Life meetings.  It is during these sessions that students raise issues, predominantly by way of the Class President, and during which time the Teacher-Advisor raises class problems (i.e. student absences, discipline).  These sessions also serve as a good preventive measure for potential disciplinary and other problems.