Registration for the academic year beginning in September takes place the previous June, at which time a deposit is made for tuition fees and other school services. 
Students not enrolled in June, for reasons foreseen within the relevant provisions, may do so no later than the day before classes begin.


Beginning & End of School Year

Classes begin in September and end the following June, on dates specified by the Ministry of Education.  The academic year is divided into semesters. Advancement and graduation exams begin after the last day of classes.  IB exams are scheduled by the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization).


School Hours

Psychico College High School is in session five days per week (Monday-Friday).

Classes commence at 08:30 for all grade levels.  Dismissal is as follows:











Administration Offices are also open Monday-Friday from 08:30 to 16:00.  During the summer and other holidays, office hours are modified.

When schools close (for approximately one month) in the summer, parents and students can contact the Administration Office one day per week; the day is specified by the Ministry of Education’s 2nd Directorate for Secondary Education.

Absences – Tardiness

Arbitrary absences during the course of the school day are unexcused and subject to disciplinary measures.  Repeat offences are subject to severe penalties.  If a student misses an exam that has been scheduled during an unexcused absence, then he/she automatically receives a grade of one (1) for that exam.

First period class absence or tardiness
First period classes begin at 08:30 and students must be in class by that time. 
It should be noted that first period absences, or those from any intermediate periods within the school day, cannot be excused by students’ parents.

Absence from School gatherings (Theater, Social Life)
Students absent from regular or special gatherings in the Theater, as well as from Social Life, receive an unexcused absence and are subject to disciplinary measures. 

Unauthorized full-day absences
The limit of fifty (50) unexcused absences, as specified in relevant State regulations, is a criteria used only by the Faculty Association in order to classify a student’s attendance status.  Students should not perceive this limit as permissible, acceptable, or a privilege.
In addition to having these absences recorded as unexcused, disciplinary measures are exercised if, upon communicating with the student’s parent, it is established that they occurred without parental consent.

Absence from full-day excursions, field trips, missions

Student participation in excursions and field trips is mandatory.
In the event of a student’s absence from the above, the following apply:
If a parental consent form has been submitted for participation in the outing and the student is absent, then the absence is considered unexcused.
In the event of student illness or other family matter on the day of the excursion, then the absence can be excused if the Administration is notified on the same day.
Those students who do not submit parental consent forms and, therefore, do not participate in the outing are, nonetheless, required to attend School on that day.  Failure to do so results in an unexcused absence.  Students who have been granted permission by the Administration to remain at home are exempted.

Exemption from Physical Education

      a.  One day exemptions from P.E. class are granted by the Administration and must be accompanied by a note from the College Infirmary.
Exempted students must be present in the location where the P.E. class is being held.  Seriously injured students, or those with a cold, may remain in their classroom if permission has been granted by the Administration.
      b.  Longer-term exemptions or those for an entire academic year are granted only by decision of the Faculty Association upon submission of relevant medical documentation.

Leaving the School Grounds
Students must remain on the School grounds throughout the school day.  Leaving the School grounds without authorization is cause for severe disciplinary measures. 
In the event of serious or extenuating circumstances that necessitate a student’s late arrival to class, early departure from School, or absence from an intermediate period, a member of the High School Administration may issue permission to the student.  It is advisable to apply for said permission a day in advance. For departures before the end of the normal school day, the student must obtain an exit pass signed by the Deputy Director in charge and present it to the guard at the gate from which he/she exits.

Termination of student attendance

Student attendance is terminated

     a)    upon graduation
     b)    prior to graduation
            i)   by written parental request (either as a result of the parents’ own volition or further to the Faculty and Administration’s recommendation) for transfer to another school. 
           ii)   further to the decision of the Academic Council in accordance with the prevailing educational legislation.


Medical Services

Both a pediatrician and a nurse are on staff in the Medical Office located in Benaki Hall.  The nurse is on duty in the School’s Infirmary during school hours and provides first-aid in case of emergency.   At the beginning of each academic year, parents are required by law to submit medical evaluations/certificates, for which they will be notified by the School’s Administration.

Medical records for student participation in Physical Education classes

In order to participate in Physical Education classes and athletic activities, the Ministry of Education requires all students to submit a medical evaluation which parents should request from their family physician.
Students who fail to submit the requisite medical documentation by the end of September will be barred from participating in Physical Education classes and will be marked absent for each class missed.

Field Trips

Field trips are organized activities which take place beyond the school grounds during the course of the academic day and are chaperoned by faculty members.  Field trips are organized within the framework of programs dealing with cultural, environmental, health and consumer interest topics.  The maximum number of field trips per academic year is three.  Under no circumstance may two field trips take place during the same month.  Field trips are decided upon during Faculty meetings and the Administration notifies the relevant authorities.

Educational Excursions

These excursions are:

Full-day excursions

One full-day excursion (without an overnight stay) is scheduled during the academic year for all secondary school students.  The purpose of the excursion is either pedagogical, cultural, recreational or within the framework of environmental education (i.e. tree-planting)

Multi-day excursions

One multi-day excursion, lasting a maximum of 5 days, is organized for graduating students to a destination either within Greece, or Cyprus, or abroad.  The excursion takes place sometime between March 1st and at least 15 days before classes end.

For excursions to either Cyprus or other destinations outside Greece, it is possible for the excursion to be extended an additional two (2) days, pending the approval of the relevant authorities.

Educational excursions are preceded by preparatory work in School, raising awareness about the cultural, historical, and ecological highlights of the destination.