At the beginning of each academic year, all General High School students select the Club they wish to join, from a list posted by the School.  Participation in Clubs helps to cultivate students’ special talents and skills; it also helps to sensitize them to issues of broader interest and to develop a collective spirit.  Within the framework of Clubs, students enjoy a multitude of activities and organize various events.

For academic year 2012-2013, the following Clubs are offered to students in the General High School:

Flexible Zone Clubs (mandatory):
Model United Nations
History, Culture and Byzantine Monuments
Environmental - Recycle Today
Green Buildings
Young Entrepreneurs
Writers’ Block
Jewelry Manufacturing
Classical & Acoustical Guitar

During mid-day break (optional):
Ecumenical Relations and Humanitarian Solidarity
Magazine “Pro[S]klisi”  (“Invitation”  Magazine)
International Organizations
Graphic Novel
Physics Competitions Preparation – 10th & 11th grade students
Biology Competitions Preparation –11th & 12th grade students
Chemistry Competitions Preparation –12th grade students

After-School (optional):
Mathematical Thinking
Physics Thinking
Informatics Thinking – Theory & Robotic Applications
Algorithmic Thinking & Computer Programming
Engineering Design
Contemporary Choral Singing
College Symphony Orchestra