Oratory Competitions

In recognition of the importance of public speaking, the College has established four Oratory Competitions which take place over the course of the academic year.

Howland (in Greek)
Delta (in English)
March 25th
Three Hierarchs

All students in 12th grade (graduating class) participate in the Howland and Delta Oratory Competitions.  They present a speech on a general topic that is determined by a committee of teachers chaired by the Athens College and Psychico College Directors.

Competition Procedures

The procedure is similar for both the Howland and Delta competitions.  A common topic of a general nature is given to 12th grade students who then write a speech of no more than seven hundred words.

The written speeches are graded by four College teachers.  The top ten are then presented orally by the students to a judging committee comprised of members from the School Administration and the Faculty.

Following the first round, the field is narrowed down to five finalists who deliver their speeches before a panel.  Panel members include eminent public figures from academia, the sciences and the arts, all unrelated to the College. 

The Final is held at a special assembly in the College Theater where the winner of the Howland Oratory Competition, and respectively the Delta, is announced and presented with his/her award in the presence of assembled students and teachers.

All 11th grade students participate in the March 25th Oratory Competition and all 10th grade students in the Three Hierarchs Oratory Competition. 

For each of these competitions, a topic is assigned to the students who write an essay using resources they deem appropriate, including materials from the College Library.

The essays are graded by College teachers and the six best are selected.  They are then presented orally by the contestants to a committee comprised of members from the Administration and the Faculty.  The winning speech for each is delivered during March 25th and the Three Hierarchs school celebrations respectively.


March 25th Oratory Competition
Three Hierarchs Oratory Competition 
Delta Oratory Competition 
Howland Oratory Competition