In January 2014, the school received IBO’s Report on the Self-Study Evaluation of HAEF’s IBDP. The COMMENDATIONS that were underscored by the Regional Office included several aspects under three Standards.

Standard A - The School’s Educational Beliefs & Values Reflect IB Philosophy

  1. The school shows its support of the IB Mission Statement & Learner Profile, not only through the documentation but also through practices, such as the school’s extensive Scholarship Fund
  2. Good marketing of the DP has resulted in a marked increase in recruitment to the IB Diploma Program
  3. The communication strategy for the promotion of the DP to the whole school community includes focused actions to reach various school stakeholders
  4. All groups within the school community demonstrate wide understanding of, & commitment to, the DP
  5. An excellent program of participation in international programs such as MUN & projects overseas as well as school study trips
  6. A very well-organized & varied program of CAS activities is offered to students, with activities reaching beyond the school community
  7. Many members of staff are involved in the IBDP as examiners, IA moderators, workshop leaders, paper authors, mark scheme writers, monitors of CAS, and local inspections of IB exams
  8. All students are registered as full DP candidates

Standard B – Organization of the DP

Leadership & Structure

  1. The school has developed an intranet to post regular information for the different stakeholders involved in the DP
  2. The governance & leadership structure support all aspects of the implementation of the DP
  3. There appears to be an excellent structure for the pedagogical leadership of the DP
  4. The DP Coordinator seems to be doing an excellent job & has the support of the leadership team
  5. The school has an excellent plan for subject meetings & whole faculty meetings where assessment is discussed
  6. The school’s action plan shows that the school has considered different aspects to enhance the development of the DP over time

Resources & Support

  1. The governing body has annual reserves devoted to the updating & improvement of the DP so as to ensure rapid response to any recommendation or need
  2. The school has provided professional development beyond the requirements for evaluation
  3. There is exceptional timetabling of meeting time for collaborative planning

Standard C – Curriculum

Collaborative Planning

  1. There are regular meetings held for the different subject areas as well as whole faculty meetings
  2. The school has developed a system of collaborative planning & reflection that allows for the attendance of all interested teachers, whether face-to-face or online

Written Curriculum

The school has developed a service learning program that is integrated to the CAS Program


Excellent IB examination results which show an improvement in the period under evaluation