19 Nov 2019
On Saturday, November 9 and Sunday, November 10, 2019, “Athens Marathon, The Authentic” took place.  See more
05 Nov 2019

The annual parade of Athens College – Psychico College Junior High and High School students in commemoration of the historic “OXI” (“NO”) was successfully held on Monday, October 28, 2019 in the Filothei-Psychico Municipality, town of N.  Psychico.  The wreath-laying ceremony took place at the Heroes’ Monument in the 1stSquare of Psychico.



22 Sep 2019

Please be advised that from September 16th through September 24th, student tryouts for the selection of 2019-2020 Varsity Teams’ members  (except Varsity Swimming and Varsity Track and Field team members whose selection is based on their performance in last year’s in-house competitions) will take place as per the following schedule:



10:10-10:45 HAEF College - St. Catherine's

12:50-13:25 HAEF College – Leonteio School N. Smyrni

13:30-14:05 Semi Final

14:10-14:45 Final