October 28th National Holiday

The annual parade of Athens College – Psychico College Junior High and High School students in commemoration of the historic “OXI” (“NO”) was successfully held on Monday, October 28, 2019 in the Filothei-Psychico Municipality, town of N.  Psychico.  The wreath-laying ceremony took place at the Heroes’ Monument in the 1stSquare of Psychico.


The Flag-Bearers – Delegates of Athens College and Psychico College High Schools paraded in Syntagma.


Faculty - Parade Wardens:

Athens College High School:  Mr. Thodoris Grammatikopoulos

Psychico College High School: Mr. Dimitris Skarlatos

Athens College Junior High School: Mr. Solon Saniotis

Psychico College Junior High School:  Ms. Kiki Foti

High Schools’ Flag-Bearers – Delegates – Syntagma:  Ms. Areti Sagani