Activity to Raise Student Awareness of Diversity

On the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, athletes with physical disabilities visited our School.  They were: Antonis Pappas, Christos Korolimas, Apostolis Mpourlis, Nikoleta Mpakopanou, Katerina Saranti and Dimitris Tsevas who were accompanied by their coach, Giorgos Gkountas.  The aforementioned play with Ionas Club that trains persons with disabilities (AmeA).  They compete in PanHellenic  and international meets, such as swimming and triathlon, as well as local competitions, such as the 5km race in the Authentic Marathon of Athens.


The objectives of this activity were:


  • to sharpen our students awareness of diversity and enable their emotional intelligence
  • to motive our student to trust their abilities and to evolve
  • to introduce them to volunteering and social contribution


This event was organized within the context of Activities to Raise Student Awareness of Diversity and sensitivity towards differences.  Informative speeches were given, followed by exhibition matches in which both our students and guests participated.


The program for Athens College Elementary School 6th graders was held on December 4, 2018, whilst the program for Athens College and Psychico College Junior High School 7th and 8th graders took place on February 18, 2019.  Students raced with manual wheelchairs (self-propelled / attendant propelled) – during which many students assumed the role of attendants – as well as with three-wheeled bicycles.  Equally, many raced blindfolded, thus gaining an understanding of the importance of attendants/assistants to people with disabilities.  After learning about the rules of soccer for the blind, Elementary School students took part in a match.  Junior High School 7th and 8th graders, on the other hand, participated in a volleyball match while sitting on the floor of the covered gymnasium, as well as goalball (for persons with impaired vision), tandem bicycle races (two-seater bikes) and wheelchair basketball.


The athletes received a warm response from our children. Students had an opportunity to meet and interact with them and we sincerely thank all the athletes for their participation.