We are proud to announce that HAEF won first place in the 2014 Panhellenic Forensics Association Tournament with a total of 10 finalists!!!


We also had great success in the Debate portion of the Tournament.  Of the thirty-six teams that competed, one of our teams made it to the Finals!!!



Oratory:  Iris-Aikaterini Fragou; Nefeli Ioannou; Konstantinos Samaras

Group Discussion:  Lydia Toumbi

Impromptu Speaking:  Anastasia Repouliou

Oral Interpretation (Comic):  Ion Alexandropoulos; Daphne Marini

Oral Interpretation (Dramatic):  Xanthi-Leda Katopodi

Duet Acting (Comic):  Nefeli Ioannou and Xanthi-Leda Katopodi

Duet Acting (Dramatic):  Alex Athanasopoulos and Eleana Verigou


Debate:  Zoe Aliprantis, Theodore Dounias, and Anastasia Repouliou

Honorable Mentions:

Group Discussion:  Iro Chatizdaki; Viktor Dimas, Chara Kitsaki, Philippos Nakas, Myrto Zioga

Oral Interpretation (Comic ):  Andreas Papadakis

Duet Acting (Dramatic):  Andreas Papadakis and Daphne Marini



Congratulations to all our students for a fantastic Tournament!!!